COVID-19 Update: The School Is Closed Until April 6 , 2020 - Click Enrollment Below

Wimberley Montessori School, 45 La Buena Vista Dr, Wimberley, TX 78676

(512) 847-6055

Learning in a Montessori Environment

Learning in a Montessori Environment

Learning in a Montessori EnvironmentLearning in a Montessori Environment

 “One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.”  - Maria Montessori


Wimberley Montessori School is currently closed until April 6th.  This is an evolving situation and we will keep you posted as to whether WMS extends the length of the closure.

Due to Texas Health and Human Services mandates we are unable to give tours.  We are also unable to allow anyone into the school who is not a staff member or a child currently enrolled. Parents of children enrolled cannot come into the school. 

If you are a prospective family please email or phone at (512)847-6055. I will gladly answer questions about our school and set up tentative tours for the future.

We are sorry for an inconvenience this temporary closure causes.

Stay well and we look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Vera Dyson, Director

Wimberley Montessori Schoolly 


first - schedule an appointment to visit our campus

In order to determine if your child will be happy in the Montessori environment at our school, we recommend that you schedule a tour of the school.  This will allow you  to meet with the guide(s) and to see first hand the programs, curriculum, and opportunities available at our school.  

This tour will also give you an opportunity to determine the class size and if there is a waiting list for the class that you are interested in.  

For additional information about the school and our policies, please see the Parent Handbook in the Enrollment Forms section below.


"Application for Enrollment

second - submit an application

Depending upon whether or not a class is full, you will either submit an application for enrollment, with a $175 enrollment fee, or a wait list application. with a $50 wait list fee.  Applications without the accompanying fees are not accepted.  Each of these fees is non-refundable, however, the wait list fee will be applied to the enrollment fee if the student is accepted for attendance at the school.

See the enrollment forms below.